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Exploring Wentworth Prison...

We recently revisited one of the most infamous filming locations of Outlander Season 1, imposing Wentworth Prison, which is real-life is the Royal Palace of Linlithgow.

Outlander fans will recall this is where Claire travels with Murtagh, to try and see Jamie before his expecting execution by hanging. After a heartfelt plea to the prison Governor, Claire is refused her requested and exits the prison with some of Jamie's personal affects. Overcome by the grief of her situation, she collapses on Murtagh.

Later `Claire manages to gain entry, but comes face-to-face with the nefarious Black Jack Randall. In order to save Claire, Jamie 'offers' himself to Randall and ensues the horrific abuse and torture that is the climax of the first season.

In real history, Linlithgow Palace was a place of residence and relaxation for the Scottish Monarchy for much of the 15th and 16th centuries, before it fell into the ruins that we see today. Many famous rulers of the country, including none other than Mary Queen of Scots herself, was born here. You can check out our wee visit on our YouTube Channel below:

This is part of a series of videos in which we visit the filming locations of Outlander and also share some of the behind the scenes filming locations that we have been lucky enough to visit in person from Outlander Seasons 1 - 5...please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel, so that you don't miss any of our future uploads! Enjoy!!

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