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Ultimate OUTLANDER FAN Gift Guide!

As we're fast approaching the major shopping events of the Holiday Season, we wanted to share our ultimate gift guide for the OUTLANDER fan in your life...or let's face it, just grab some goodies for yourself! ;)

We've trawled the internet and our affiliate partners to give you a wide range of gift ideas with a focus on Outlander inspired items to bring some festive cheer! These items suit a range of budgets, so read on to see what takes your fancy!

Before we delve in, we wanted to share some special offers linked to some of these items to maximise your savings as you shop! As many of the items are linked to books, films and the TV Series, we have included some FREE TRIALS** and DISCOUNTED OFFERS** for you!

📚 Four months of Kindle Unlimited for $4.99 US🇺🇸 Customers

If you're new to the Kindle universe, you can sign up for a special discounted rate of $4.99 for four months of access to Kindle Unlimited and get all the details here

With your subscription, you can enjoy a huge range of publications from around the world, all at your finger tips!

📺 99¢ per month for two months on Prime Video Select Channels

US🇺🇸 Customers

For a LIMITED TIME you can grab a great deal on Prime Video Select Channels, including STARZ, the home of Outlander and others like AMC+ and Showtime!

Sign-up and details here

🎧 Audible Plus 30-DAY FREE TRIAL US🇺🇸 Customers

If you want to enjoy the latest Outlander linked releases, like Bees and Clanlands Almanac in audiobook editions, you can secure an amazing 30-Day FREE TRIAL of Audible Plus right here

📚 Kindle Unlimited 30-DAY FREE TRIAL UK🇬🇧 Customers

If you're in the UK, you can grab a fantastic 30-DAY FREE TRIAL of Kindle Unlimited here

🎧 3 months of Audible for 99p UK🇬🇧 Customers

Up until 30 November 2021, UK-based fans can benefit from 3 months of Audible for just 99p, for new subscribers! You can grab all the details and sign-up here

We hope that the above deals will be of value to you and maybe give you the chance to secure some of the great Outlander related items in our list, as part of a free trial or discounted offer!

Right, with that out the way...let's dive in! You can also see many of the items listed here (along with loads of others) on our dedicated Amazon Storefront here

1. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone

Of course, we have to start with the best news that Outlander fans have been waiting years to hear...Diana Gabaldon has just released the hotly anticipated ninth novel in the Outlander Series, GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE.

We can't wait to learn about the new adventures of the Fraser Clan and their extended family in the newest instalment of the Outlander saga!

Depending on where you are in the world, there are various editions available, but we've shared the most widely available ones below. Whether its hardback of audiobook versions, you'll find your perfect Outlander fix with Bees!

Clicking on the links in most cases will take you to your own regional store.

US🇺🇸 Hardcover Edition here

US🇺🇸 Audio CD Edition here

US🇺🇸 Audiobook Edition here

US🇺🇸 Kindle Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Hardcover Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Paperback Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Audiobook Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Kindle Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Exclusive Edition here

2. The Clanlands Almanac

November has been an epic month for the Outlander fans out there!

Not only has Bees been released, but we've also had the much longed for sequel to the highly popular Clanlands, by none other than Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish!

In The Clanlands Almanac, our two favourite Scotsmen share a 12 month journey full of Scottish legends, folklore, history...and of course, WHISKY!

Like many book releases, you can grab different editions in various regions, so if you're an avid collector of all things Clanlands, you can pick up the whole range of The Clanlands Almanac editions!

US🇺🇸 Hardcover Edition here

US🇺🇸 Audio CD Edition here

US🇺🇸 Audiobook Edition here

US🇺🇸 Kindle Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Hardcover Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Paperback Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Audiobook Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Kindle Edition here

UK🇬🇧 Exclusive Edition here

3. The Outlander Book Series Sets

There are loads of versions of the Outlander Series in hardback, paperback, audiobooks and more available!

Many fans love to collect different editions with unique book covers, exclusive editions and other traits.

Whether its complete sets or harder to find editions, you're sure to source your ideal match here

4. The Outlander TV Series

Many book fans have also made the Outlander TV Series required viewing and as we patiently await the release of Season 6 in 2022, you can still relive the epic story of Jamie and Claire in the previous seasons!

Like the books, there are loads of different editions available from single season versions, multi-season packs and special editions!

You can browse through your preferred options on DVD and Blu-ray with this link right here

5. Outlander Calendars and Weekly Planners

Many fans of the Outlander series need a daily Fraser fix, so you can plan your life with your favourite characters at your side with this great range of 2022 Calendars and Weekly Planners!

From full on wall mounted calendars, to handy desk companions, you're sure to find your ideal option on our handy list here

Just be sure to avoid some of the lesser quality, unofficial ones! ;)

6. Outlander inspired socks

We've all been just settle down to watch your favourite Frasers and someone barges in on your peace and quiet!

Send a passive aggressive 'warning' to anyone wishing to infringe on your Outlander time with these brilliant socks!

Other options available below:

- 'Just a woman who loves watching Outlander' here

- 'I only watch Outlander for the history' here

7. Outlander Playing Cards

Jamie is always the 'King' here in this officially licensed card deck by Cryptozoic.

While away the hours with friends, family or solo with these beautifully imaged cards...just make sure you don't get dealt the 'Black Jack'...yikes!

Grab your set of Outlander Playing cards here

8. Outlander T-shirts

You can show off your Outlander love with this range of officially licensed tees from Pop Funk!

Some of these stylish t-shirts come with stickers, so you can plaster your Outlander obsession over anything you want with these cool collectors items!

Check out the full range from Pop Funk by clicking here

9. The Official Outlander Coloring Book

If you manage to get some quiet time this Holiday Season or you need a wee mindfulness break, this official coloring book by none other than 'Herself' is sure to relax you.

Color your way through loads of images depicting key events in the Outlander series and bring some brightness to your Outlander world!

Check out the coloring book right here

10. Jamie Fraser Vinyl Figure

Cryptozoic have some of the BEST Outlander merch and this limited edition Jamie Fraser vinyl figure is no exception!

Pop this wee Jamie at home, in the office or anywhere you choose and be watched over by the King of Men (in miniature!).

This detailed figure stands at just 7 inches, but the rich colour will be sure to draw attention at any Outlander gathering!

Pick up wee Jamie here

11. Outlander Phone Cases

Take the Frasers with you wherever you go and have Jamie protect your phone, as he protects Claire! ;)

These protective phone covers come in various designs and have options for iPhone, Android and many other popular mobile phone brands.

Pick your favourite one or buy a selection to suit your needs!

The range of officially licensed covers can be found here

12. Outlander Inspired 'Sassenach' Glass

Toast yourself and your loved ones this Holiday Season with this Outlander inspired 'Sassenach' glass.

Pour in your favourite tipple, or better yet, some of Sam Heughan's own 'Sassenach Spirit' and sip your way through the latest Outlander marathon...

You can grab this stylish glass or check out some other deigns by clicking the link here

13. Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook

This popular culinary compendium has been a fan favourite since its publication in the earlier TV Seasons.

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to dust off those oven mitts and try your hand at some Scottish delicacies in the first volume here

In volume two, you can have fun producing some 'New World' masterpieces by following along with the easy to follow cooking instructions here

Both of these volumes have the seal of approval of Diana Gabaldon, who writes the foreword in both editions.

14. Sam Heughan 2022 Calendar

Even in the deepest depths of a dreaded Droughtlander, you can still get your daily Sam Heughan fix with this 2022 Calendar.

With a new image every month, you'll fly through 2022 and enjoy planning your life with the King of Men staring back at you.

You can grab this popular 2022 Calendar by clicking this link here

15. The Official Outlandish Companion Vols.1&2

Get the official word (literally) on all things Outlander with this two volume set from the series creator, Diana Gabaldon.

Containing loads of supplementary information on the characters, places and events in the series, you'll impress your friends and fellow Outlander fans with the inside knowledge from these excellent guides.

There are two volumes available and each are listed with links below:

Outlandish Companion: Volume One here

Outlandish Companion: Volume Two here

16. Harris Tweed Hip Flask

Fans of the Men In Kilts and Clanlands series will know that Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are no strangers to the 'water of life'...

You can pack your own beverage of choice (whisky or not!) in this stylish official Harris Tweed Hip Flask here

You can check out our full list of Harris Tweed goodies and clothing on our Amazon Storefront here

17. Men In Kilts 2022 Calendar

Obviously to any self-respecting Men In Kilts fans, Sam and Graham are the originals and the best...but until they produce an official calendar, you might have to make do with this one... ;)

Twelve kilted Highlanders will keep you company throughout the year in the 2022 Kilty Pleasures Calendar.

You can grab you copy and see other options here

18. Scottish History for Dummies

If you've been paying too much attention to Jamie and Claire and not enough on the context of the earlier Outlander series, this cheat sheet and quick reference guide to Scotland's history could be your saviour!

Don't know your Robert Bruce from your Robert Burns? Want to know more about Highland culture? Grab your copy of Scottish History for Dummies, available in book and audio options here

19. Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors

Have a Scottish surname or a family link to Scotland? Want to research your family history but don't know where to start?

Check out this handy reference guide to Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors, complied by the official keepers of Scottish Genealogy at the National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh here

We at Outlandish Journeys also conduct ancestral research and ancestral tours of Scotland, so if you want a fully qualified genealogist to do the work for you, contact us to learn about our range of ancestral options here

20. Outlander Inspired Tin Wall Art

Spice up your favourite space at home or at work with this Outlander inspired wall art.

Hum along to the Outlander theme tune, based on the original Skye Boat Song and show off some Outlander love at the same time.

You can grab this unique and beautifully produced Outlander essential by clicking the link here

21. Stone Circle Oil Burner

Ok, so its not quite Craigh na Dun, but this wee Stone Circle oil burner can give some ancient flare to your home!

Pop on your favourite scents and aromas and chill out with an Outlander novel, an episode of the series, or even just a wee tipple of Sassenach Spirit! ;)

Grab your unique ancient inspired gift idea here

22. Highland Cows 2022 Calendar

They're no friend of Black Jack Randall...but that's ok with us! Lol!

Get your daily Highland Coo fix with this 2022 Calendar, featuring some of Scotland's most famous residents!

Whether you're dreaming of a trip to Scotland, or coming to our shores soon, this Highland Coo Calendar will help you mark down the days!

Check it out here

23. Outlander Book Stack Wall Art

This cute and original artwork could be the perfect wall mounting in your favourite reading place!

A truly unique piece that will gain the admiration of your Outlander Clan when they see it gracing your wall!

Check it out here

24. Outlander inspired Wedding Ring

Its not an exact replica of Claire's ring, but this Outlander inspired jewellery could be the perfect gift for the Outlander fan in your life!

Check out the details here

25. An Outlander Tour of Scotland

If you're planning a trip to Scotland soon, or have an Outlander fan in your life who is, then contact us today to learn more about our huge range of Outlander and historic tours of Scotland!

Our 5-Star private and personalised adventures are led by a professional Historian and Genealogist and cover the whole of Scotland!

We offer Gift Vouchers too, so get in touch for details here

This blog post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) for purchases made through these links


** Please note that all offers and trials are correct at the time of publication of this blog. Check each provider to see what their currents deals are, or are still available.

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