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Burning throats at St.Ninian's Spring!

Hey folks, as part of our new Outlander On Location video series, we wanted to share with you our latest visit to the beautiful and ethereal Finnich Glen and Devil's Pulpit, which features in Season One of Outlander!

All of you lovely Outlander Fans out there will recall that Dougal tests Claire and her honesty at the legendary St.Ninian's Spring to allay his suspicions that Claire is an English spy. In the Outlander Books and TV Series, Dougal explains that those who drink from the enchanted water and tell a lie are cursed with burning in the throat and a painful death. After Claire drinks from the 'magic' spring and states that she is not an English spy, Dougal is convinced, as Claire feels no effects from the water or its legendary curse!

The real-life location chosen for this scene was the amazing Finnich Glen, not far from Loch Lomond.

As you'll see from our video below, its a wee bit of a tricky place to visit, with a steep descent down nearly 100 feet into a gorge by way of a nearly 200 year old stone staircase...phew! A wee word of warning that it is not suitable for those with accessibility issues.

If you can make it though, the trip is so worth it and the views in and around the waterway are spectacular!

In addition to the 'Outlander' legends, in 'real-life' this location has its own bundle of myths attached to it. From a meeting place of Satan and his worshippers to a place where witches once executed their victims, Finnich Glen has its fair share of grisly stories over the years! In other tales, this place was said to be the secret meeting or temple of ancient druids, to allow them to worship unimpeded by the outside world.

Whatever the stories, this place is an amazing visit and one that we'll certainly be returning


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